Cord Roll

Imagine this scenario: You leave from work/school/wherever and you want to listen music. You you take your headphones out of your pocket and realise that someone made an overhand knot to your cord. The cord is so tangled that the only solution is to buy new headphones (or to join the Navy and learn all the knots there is). I mean how can a cord get so tangled?

You can avoid this embarrassment by rolling your headphones to your Cord Roll. A small item with a huge impact on your everyday-life! Yak leather with a patinated brass snap button takes care of your headphones when you run your errands.

The size of this petite lifesaver is 4 cm by 6,6 cm (1.57" by 2.60") when open. There is two colour options: brandy and shade.

Please consider the lead time of production to be up to 2 weeks before shipment as all products are made to order and there is an order queue. Everything is handcrafted so making the product also takes it's own time. Thanks for understanding!

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